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Unleash Your Potential with the Lightspeed Training Program!

Create a career for yourself in the lighting and entertainment business.

Open to everyone, no previous industry experience required


Minimum requirements.

  1. Good written and spoken english

  2. Secondary school level mathematics

  3. Confident with using computers

  4. University graduate welcome

  5. Other candidates with work experience are welcome. 


Train on the following:

  1. Lighting

  2. Set design

  3. Screens


Train on the most up to date industry equipment from Robe, Elation, ClayPaky, GrandMa, Resolume, Green Hippon, Capture, Vector Works, Christies, Absen. 

Projection: 3D Mapping. 

Top 2 Candidates at the end of course get automatic 1 year full paid internship with Lightspeed. 


Shortlisted candidates will be contacted in September for screening interviews. 


Full training commences February 2024 

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